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Offer The Personal Healthcare Journal, a 3-ring bound book that helps you manage your healthcare information and that of your children and others. Record vital healthcare information, including medications, family history, doctors, test results, etc. Earn a whopping 25% of every sale and 10% second tier by offering an item that any family or individual can use! Enjoy monthly payouts and a 365-day cookie to ensure you receive credit for your referrals. Sign up today and start earning!
Admin: Mark
Tiers: 2
Software: AssocTRAC is the official retail website for Dr. Linda Page's best-selling products. Author of over 10 reknowned natural health books including Healthy Healing, A Guide to Self-Healing for Everyone12th Ed. Formulator & founder of over 175 premium whole herb Crystal Star supplements. Earn 12% of every sale as an affiliate! Herb & supplement customers are typically repeat purchasers. Enjoy monthly payouts & a minimum commission of only $25 to receive your first check. Sign up now!
Admin: Leah
Tiers: 1
Software: Aff_Manager
Ultimate Stair Exercises DVD set & E-Book: Discover how using office building stairs, apartment building stairs, stadium stairs or any place that gives you access to stairs can provide you with incredible workouts to improve your strength, power, flexibility and conditioning! Also expect weight loss, reduced joint pain, increased muscle tone, defintion and much more! Earn 40% commission for referred sales.
Admin: Virgil
Tiers: 1
Software: 1ShoppingCart
At NoniConnection, our family takes pride in making noni juice using traditional Hawaiian methods. Unlike many other juices on the market, our noni juice is 100% pure and undiluted. This is a difference people can taste and feel. By joining our affiliate program now, you have the chance to cash in on the booming popularity of noni juice. With average sales of over $100, high conversion rates, and a generous 12% commission, you won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity.
Admin: Michael
Tiers: 1
Software: Shareasale
Revival Soy is a doctor formulated soy nutritional product that tastes great! In fact, it is the #1 doctor recommended soy product on the market! We pay you 10% for sales that are generated when you advertise our products on your web site and/or newsletter. We are in the top 4% EPC rankings on Commission Junction, so you know our site converts traffic!
Admin: Marty
Tiers: 1
Software: Commission Junction
Would you like to lose weight and have more energy? Visit to peruse their vast selection of unique and highly sought-after health and fitness products. These products are not available anywhere else! Affiliates of this program will earn very generous 50% commissions for life, with an average order size of more than $100! Selling is easy with the constant addition of high-demand products and income-generating tools. Sign up today to make big money!
Admin: Phil
Tiers: 2
Software: Affiliate Master
Discover 2000 year old Zen secrets for being calm, balanced and positive, no matter what's going on. Visit to purchase Dr. Shoshanna's e-book, Living by Zen. Dr. Shoshanna is a psychologist, Zen practitioner, and published author. Easily earn 50% commissions on every e-book sold with the use of proven sales materials. Plus, affiliates will feel good about the contribution they make to others lives while increasing profits at the same time! Sign up now to start prospering!
Admin: Dr. Brenda
Tiers: 1
Software: ClickBank
IMU-STAT is a unique and all natural product that can safely and effectively reverse heart disease, lower cholesterol and reduce artery inflammation without any of the adverse side effects of prescription drugs. Affiliates will benefit from the fact that IMU-STAT is of interest to over 60 million Americans and will earn $15 per sale and $5 per sale on referrals. They can take advantage of a 1 year sales cookie, reoccurring lifetime commissions and no minimums. Sign up today to start earning!
Admin: Barbara
Tiers: 2
Software: AssocTRAC
Join the Affiliate Program. The benefits include: Affiliates earn 5% on all sales generated by their sites. High coversion rates and a $100 average sale. There are no limits. From $20 supports to $600 knee braces, you'll collect referral fees on every order - with no ceiling on how high your checks can be! Your customers will get the best service, selection and prices available in medical retail today. Two tier programs available. Online residual reporting.
Admin: Dan
Tiers: 2
Software: MivaMerchant
Liberty Meds Online offers a new affiliate program. If you are a webmaster and or site owner, this is a chance to earn some extra money. We pay $2 for every lead. That means, for every visitor that clicks on your affiliate link, and joins Liberty Meds Online and requests a consult, you recieve $2.00! It's that simple! Start earning money now! You will be able to log in and see your stats. All the clicks and money you have earned just from a simple link. Get started today!
Admin: Craig
Tiers: 1
Software: Interneka
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