A commission of 5% paid on all sales including Rare Gold & Silver coins. We offer substantial discounts on all of our coin supplies which produces a greater amount of sales on click trough’s as well as larger unit sales. Checks mailed monthly to those that have a minimum of $25.00 in commission. Smaller amounts rolled over until the minimum is met. Our affiliate tracking software is OX Affiliate which has many great features. It also tracts a visitor from your site for 365 days. If surfer returns in that period of time the clock is reset to zero. We have a large selection of Banner and Text Links and make every effort to see that our affiliates do well!
Admin: Robert
Tiers: 1
Software: Ox Affiliate Software
Since 1953 we have Sold over $600 Million Dollars in Rare Coins! SavOnCoins offers many of the same coins and collectibles as Home Shopping Network for 10% to 15% less!! We will pay you $10.00 to Sign Up for our Affiliate Program, plus earn 10% of all Sales! We will also pay a $.05 Per Click Commission for Web Site Referrals!
Admin: Joel D
Tiers: 2
Software: AffiliateTrackingNetwork
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