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Admin: SC MG
Tiers: 5
Software: in house
Fabulous products for the gay, lesbian and bisexual community including pride merchandise, calendars, greeting cards,dvds, t-shirts and more. You can earn 10% of all sales you generate through your affiliate link. If you have traffic, then you have gay traffic and should be earning easy money.
Admin: Patty
Tiers: 1
Software: Interneka
Zymetrical carries over 800 discounted novelty products and counting, all at prices that actually convert visitors into customers. Affiliates receive 10% of each sale, and $5 for each referral. Full design assistance is available for all affiliates, big or small. We have the resources to handle any amount of traffic.
Admin: Brian
Tiers: 1
Software: In-house
We offer personalized products, JD Crowe merchandise, specialty catalog collectibles such as glass products, dolls, figurines. Our program pays 20% commission and 5% commission at the second tier. We feel this is an extremely generous payment structure. Our site also has a mega-mall featuring affiliate services and merchandise that we either can't or don't want to provide ourselves. This gives our customers a one-stop place to shop. We do not pay commission on these items
Admin: Bill
Tiers: 2
Software: clixGalore
Earn 20% of each sale and promote high performance mini motorcycles on your site! Each Pocket bike retails for £299 so you'll earn almost £60 per sale! Pocket bikes are taking off all over the world! These are no ordinary toys, but scaled down motorcycles with real gas engines! Weighing only 22kg and capable of speeds up to 40 mph, these mini motos are popular with kids and adults! This program is 2 tier, meaning you receive an additional 5% of the commissions of any affiliate you refer!
Admin: Steve
Tiers: 2
Software: mtracker
We have one of the highest paying rates in the business! Affiliates receive 15% of all sales generated from their links. In addition, we have a two-tier system. Our website offers quality personalized favors such as candy wrappers, seed & bath salt packets, coffee, cappuccino, and more all at discount prices. Over 150 unique designs to choose from. Custom work is also available.
Admin: Amy
Tiers: 2
Software: Interneka
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