In order to test your integration with ROIA, you'll need to follow these few simple steps. Please see below for notes about repetetive tests.

  1. Create a Publisher (Affiliate): First, you'll need to create a publisher within your program. There are two methods which you may use in order to accomplish this: The first is by signing up in the exact way which a publisher would - by going to your Signup URL given under Preferences -> Network Information (Join form URL for Own Publishers), and filling out the form there.
    Alternatively, you may log into your Advertiser Admin Panel, and use it's built-in interface to create a test publisher (for that go to Publishers -> New).
    Note: you'll only need to follow this particular step once, for your first test.
  2. Clicking Through: Either place the pablisher (affiliate) link directly into your web browser's location bar, or create a small HTML page with the linking code provided on that page. This should take you to your online store.
  3. Make a purchase: Place an order with your shopping cart / credit card processor as a normal customer would. Depending on which e-commerce solution you're using, there may or may not be a test mode to use, which does not actually bill for a card for transactions.
  4. Check the Orders: Log back into (or leave a separate window logged into) your admin panel, and click on Reports -> Conversions -> List Conversion. Enter your Publisher Username (or, if you've made multiple test orders, you may wish to search by order id (ID#), and click "Search". If your transaction appears in the screen that immediately follows, then the test transaction has been successful!

Repetetive tests

These steps should be followed precisely for each and every test order made to ROIA, else our anti-fraud features may create incorrect or undesired results.

  • Clear your Cookie File: By default, ROIA uses cookies in order to track affiliate sales, signups, and clickthroughs. There are many instances where the software will either ignore an instance, or warn of duplicate submissions if it detects a cookie which it has placed from an earlier session. It may be necessary to restart your browser for this to take effect.

  • Clear your Browser's Disk Cache: Often, if you're making multiple changes to a site, you can wind up loading old data which is outdated. For some browsers, you can simply hold your shift key while clicking the reload button; however it is safest to clear your cache between each test, to avoid sending or receiving out of date information.